How the System Works

This page describes describes how the ActivitySim software works and the example data schema.

Execution Flow

The example model run starts by running


The first steps of are:

import orca
from activitysim import abm

which starts orca, which will now take over running the system and defines the orca/pandas tables and their data sources but does not load the data. The second statement loads activitysim.abm.__init__, which calls:

import misc
import tables
import models

which then loads the misc, tables, and models class definitions. Loading activitysim.abm.misc defines orca injectables (functions) for the settings object based on the setting yaml file, the store based on the HDF5 input file, and the trace settings. The Python decorator @inject.injectable overrides the function definition store to execute this function whenever store is called by orca. The misc class depends on activitysim.core.inject and activitysim.core.pipeline, which wrap orca and manage the data pipeline.

def store(data_dir, settings):
  file = pd.HDFStore(fname, mode='r')
  pipeline.close_on_exit(file, fname)
  return file

Next, the tables module executes the following import statements in activitysim.abm.tables.__init__ to define the dynamic orca tables (households, persons, skims, etc.), but does not load them. It also defines the core dynamic orca injectables (functions) defined in the classes. The Python decorator @inject.table override the function definitions so the function name becomes the table name. Additional implementation specific table fields are defined in annotation preprocessors for each step, as discussed later.

import households
import persons

#then in
def households(store, households_sample_size, trace_hh_id):

The models module then loads all the sub-models, which are registered as orca model steps with the @inject.step() decorator. These steps will eventually be run by the pipeline manager.

import initialize
import accessibility
import auto_ownership

#then in
def compute_accessibility(settings, accessibility_spec,
                        skim_dict, omx_file, land_use, trace_od):

Back in the main script, the next steps are to load the pipeline manager.

from activitysim.core import pipeline

The next step in the example is to read and run the pipeline. The resume_after argument is set to None in order to start the pipeline from the beginning.

MODELS = setting('models'), resume_after=None)

The method loops through the list of models, calls, and manages the data pipeline. The first microsimulation model run is school location. The school location model is broken into three steps:

  • school_location_sample - selects a sample of alternative school locations for the next model step. This selects X locations from the full set of model zones using a simple utility.
  • school_location_logsums - starts with the table created above and calculates and adds the mode choice logsum expression for each alternative school location.
  • school_location_simulate - starts with the table created above and chooses a final school location, this time with the mode choice logsum included.

School Location Sample

The school location sample model is run via:

#run model step["school_location_sample"])

#define model step
def school_location_sample(persons_merged,

The school_location_sample step requires the objects defined in the function definition above. Since they are not yet loaded, orca goes looking for them. This is called lazy loading (or on-demand loading). The steps to get the persons data loaded is illustrated below. The various calls also setup logging, tracing, and stable random number management.

#persons_merged is in the step function signature

#persons_merged is defined in and needs persons
def persons_merged(persons, households, land_use, accessibility):
  return inject.merge_tables(, tables=[
      persons, households, land_use, accessibility])

#persons in requires store, households_sample_size, households, trace_hh_id
def persons(store, households_sample_size, households, trace_hh_id):

  df = store["persons"]

  if households_sample_size > 0:
      # keep all persons in the sampled households
      df = df[df.household_id.isin(households.index)]"loaded persons %s" % (df.shape,))

  # replace table function with dataframe
  inject.add_table('persons', df)

  pipeline.get_rn_generator().add_channel(df, 'persons')

  if trace_hh_id:
      tracing.register_traceable_table('persons', df)
      tracing.trace_df(df, "persons", warn_if_empty=True)

  return df

#households requires store, households_sample_size, trace_hh_id
def households(store, households_sample_size, trace_hh_id):

  df_full = store["households"]

  # if we are tracing hh exclusively
  if trace_hh_id and households_sample_size == 1:

      # df contains only trace_hh (or empty if not in full store)
      df = tracing.slice_ids(df_full, trace_hh_id)

  # if we need sample a subset of full store
  elif households_sample_size > 0 and len(df_full.index) > households_sample_size:

      # take the requested random sample
      df = asim.random_rows(df_full, households_sample_size)

      # if tracing and we missed trace_hh in sample, but it is in full store
      if trace_hh_id and trace_hh_id not in df.index and trace_hh_id in df_full.index:
              # replace first hh in sample with trace_hh
              logger.debug("replacing household %s with %s in household sample" %
                           (df.index[0], trace_hh_id))
              df_hh = tracing.slice_ids(df_full, trace_hh_id)
              df = pd.concat([df_hh, df[1:]])

      df = df_full"loaded households %s" % (df.shape,))

  # replace table function with dataframe
  inject.add_table('households', df)

  pipeline.get_rn_generator().add_channel(df, 'households')

  if trace_hh_id:
      tracing.register_traceable_table('households', df)
      tracing.trace_df(df, "households", warn_if_empty=True)

  return df

#etc.... until all the required dependencies are resolved

school_location_sample also sets the persons merged table as choosers, reads the expressions specification file, settings yaml file, and destination_size_terms file, and also sets the chunk size and trace id if specified. The skims dictionary is also passed in, as explained next.

def school_location_sample(persons_merged,

Inside the method, the skim matrix lookups required for this model are configured. The following code set the keys for looking up the skim values for this model. In this case there is a TAZ column in the choosers, which was in the households table that was joined with persons to make persons_merged and a TAZ in the alternatives generation code which get merged during interaction as renamed TAZ_r. The skims are lazy loaded under the name “skims” and are available in the expressions using @skims.

# create wrapper with keys for this lookup - in this case there is a TAZ in the choosers
# and a TAZ in the alternatives which get merged during interaction
# the skims will be available under the name "skims" for any @ expressions
skims = skim_dict.wrap("TAZ", "TAZ_r")
locals_d = {
    'skims': skims

The next step is to call the activitysim.core.interaction_sample.interaction_sample() function which selects a sample of alternatives by running a MNL choice model simulation in which alternatives must be merged with choosers because there are interaction terms. The choosers table, the alternatives table, the sample size, the model specification expressions file, the skims, the skims lookups, the chunk size, and the trace labels are passed in.

choices = interaction_sample(
              trace_label=tracing.extend_trace_label(trace_label, school_type))

This function solves the utilities, calculates probabilities, draws random numbers, selects choices with replacement, and returns the choices. This is done in a for loop of chunks of chooser records in order to avoid running out of RAM when building the often large data tables. This method does a lot, and eventually calls activitysim.core.interaction_simulate.eval_interaction_utilities(), which loops through each expression in the expression file and solves it at once for all records in the chunked chooser table using either pandas’ eval() or Python’s eval().

The activitysim.core.interaction_sample.interaction_sample() method is currently only a multinomial logit choice model. The activitysim.core.simulate.simple_simulate() method supports both MNL and NL as specified by the LOGIT_TYPE setting in the model settings YAML file. The auto_ownership.yaml file for example specifies the LOGIT_TYPE as MNL.

If the expression is a skim matrix, then the entire column of chooser OD pairs is retrieved from the matrix (i.e. numpy array) in one vectorized step. The orig and dest objects in[orig, dest] in activitysim.core.skim are vectors and selecting numpy array items with vector indexes returns a vector. Trace data is also written out if configured (not shown below).

# evaluate expressions from the spec multiply by coefficients and sum
interaction_utilities, trace_eval_results \
    = eval_interaction_utilities(spec, interaction_df, locals_d, trace_label, trace_rows)

# reshape utilities (one utility column and one row per row in model_design)
# to a dataframe with one row per chooser and one column per alternative
utilities = pd.DataFrame(
    interaction_utilities.as_matrix().reshape(len(choosers), alternative_count),

# convert to probabilities (utilities exponentiated and normalized to probs)
# probs is same shape as utilities, one row per chooser and one column for alternative
probs = logit.utils_to_probs(utilities, trace_label=trace_label, trace_choosers=choosers)

choices_df = make_sample_choices(
    choosers, probs, interaction_utilities,
    sample_size, alternative_count, alt_col_name, trace_label)

# pick_count is number of duplicate picks
pick_group = choices_df.groupby([, alt_col_name])

# number each item in each group from 0 to the length of that group - 1.
choices_df['pick_count'] = pick_group.cumcount(ascending=True)
# flag duplicate rows after first
choices_df['pick_dup'] = choices_df['pick_count'] > 0
# add reverse cumcount to get total pick_count (conveniently faster than groupby.count + merge)
choices_df['pick_count'] += pick_group.cumcount(ascending=False) + 1

# drop the duplicates
choices_df = choices_df[~choices_df['pick_dup']]
del choices_df['pick_dup']

return choices_df

The model creates the school_location_sample table using the choices above. This table is then used for the next model step - solving the logsums for the sample.

inject.add_table('school_location_sample', choices)

School Location Logsums

The school location logsums model is called via:

#run model step["school_location_logsums"])

#define model step
def school_location_logsums(
      skim_dict, skim_stack,

The school_location_logsums step requires the objects defined in the function definition above. Some of these are not yet loaded, so orca goes looking for them. The next steps are similar to what the sampling model does, except this time the sampled locations table is the choosers and the model is calculating and adding the mode choice logsums using the logsums expression files:

for school_type, school_type_id in SCHOOL_TYPE_ID.iteritems():

    segment = 'university' if school_type == 'university' else 'school'
    logsum_spec = get_segment_and_unstack(omnibus_logsum_spec, segment)

    choosers = location_sample[location_sample['school_type'] == school_type_id]

    choosers = pd.merge(

    logsums = logsum.compute_logsums(
        choosers, logsum_spec,
        logsum_settings, school_location_settings,
        skim_dict, skim_stack,
        chunk_size, trace_hh_id,
        tracing.extend_trace_label(trace_label, school_type))

inject.add_column("school_location_sample", "mode_choice_logsum", logsums)

The activitysim.abm.models.util.logsums.compute_logsums() method goes through a similar series of steps as the interaction_sample function but ends up calling activitysim.core.simulate.simple_simulate_logsums() since it supports nested logit models, which are required for the mode choice logsum calculation. The activitysim.core.simulate.simple_simulate_logsums() returns a vector of logsums (instead of a vector choices). The resulting logsums are added to the school_location_sample table as the mode_choice_logsum column.

School Location Final Choice

The final school location choice model operates on the school_location_sample table created above and is called as follows:

#run model step["school_location_simulate"])

#define model step
def school_location_simulate(persons_merged, persons,
                           land use, size_terms,

The school_location_simulate step requires the objects defined in the function definition above. The operations executed by this model are very similar to the earlier models, except this time the sampled locations table is the choosers and the model selects one alternative for each chooser using the school location simulate expression files and the activitysim.core.interaction_sample_simulate.interaction_sample_simulate() function.

The model adds the choices as a column to the persons table and adds additional output columns using a postprocessor table annotation. Refer to Expressions for more information and the activitysim.abm.models.util.expressions.assign_columns() function.

# We only chose school locations for the subset of persons who go to school
# so we backfill the empty choices with -1 to code as no school location
persons['school_taz'] = choices.reindex(persons.index).fillna(-1).astype(int)

     trace_label=tracing.extend_trace_label(trace_label, 'annotate_persons'))

 pipeline.replace_table("persons", persons)

Finishing Up

The last models to be run by the data pipeline are:

  • write_data_dictionary, which writes the table_name, number of rows, number of columns, and number of bytes for each checkpointed table
  • write_tables, which writes pipeline tables as csv files as specified by the output_tables setting

Back in the main script, the final steps are to:

  • close the data pipeline (and attached HDF5 file)
  • print the elapsed model runtime

Additional Notes

The rest of the microsimulation models operate in a similar fashion with a few notable additions:

  • creating new tables
  • vectorized 3D skims indexing
  • aggregate (OD-level) accessibilities model

Creating New Tables

In addition to calculating the mandatory tour frequency for a person, the model must also create mandatory tour records. Once the number of tours is known, then the next step is to create tours records for subsequent models. This is done by the activitysim.abm.models.util.tour_frequency.process_tours() function, which is called by the activitysim.abm.models.mandatory_tour_frequency.mandatory_tour_frequency() function, which adds the tours to the tours table managed in the data pipeline. This is the same basic pattern used for creating all new tables - tours, trips, etc.

def mandatory_tour_frequency(persons, persons_merged,

mandatory_tours = process_mandatory_tours(

tours = pipeline.extend_table("tours", mandatory_tours)

Vectorized 3D Skim Indexing

The mode choice model uses the activitysim.core.skim.SkimStackWrapper class in addition to the skims (2D) class. The SkimStackWrapper class represents a collection of skims with a third dimension, which in this case is time period. Setting up the 3D index for SkimStackWrapper is done as follows:

# setup three skim keys based on columns in the chooser table
# origin, destination, time period; destination, origin, time period; origin, destination
odt_skim_stack_wrapper = skim_stack.wrap(left_key='TAZ', right_key='destination', skim_key="out_period")
dot_skim_stack_wrapper = skim_stack.wrap(left_key='destination', right_key='TAZ', skim_key="in_period")
od_skims               = skim_dict.wrap('TAZ', 'destination')

#pass these into simple_simulate so they can be used in expressions
locals_d = {
  "odt_skims": odt_skim_stack_wrapper,
  "dot_skims": dot_skim_stack_wrapper,
  "od_skims": od_skim_stack_wrapper

When model expressions such as @odt_skims['WLK_LOC_WLK_TOTIVT'] are solved, the WLK_LOC_WLK_TOTIVT skim matrix values for all chooser table origins, destinations, and out_periods can be retrieved in one vectorized request.

All the skims are preloaded (cached) by the pipeline manager at the beginning of the model run in order to avoid repeatedly reading the skims from the OMX files on disk. This saves significant model runtime.

See Skim for more information on skim handling.

Accessibilities Model

Unlike the microsimulation models, which operate on a table of choosers, the accessibilities model is an aggregate model that calculates accessibility measures by origin zone to all destination zones. This model could be implemented with a matrix library such as numpy since it involves a series of matrix and vector operations. However, all the other ActivitySim AB models - the microsimulation models - are implemented with pandas.DataFrame tables, and so this would be a different approach for just this model. The benefits of keeping with the same table approach to data setup, expression management, and solving means ActivitySim has one expression syntax, is easier to understand and document, and is more efficiently implemented.

As illustrated below, in order to convert the accessibility calculation into a table operation, a table of OD pairs is first built using numpy repeat and tile functions. Once constructed, the additional data columns are added to the table in order to solve the accessibility calculations. The skim data is also added in column form. After solving the expressions for each OD pair row, the accessibility module aggregates the results to origin zone and write them to the datastore.

# create OD dataframe
  od_df = pd.DataFrame(
          'orig': np.repeat(np.asanyarray(land_use_df.index), zone_count),
          'dest': np.tile(np.asanyarray(land_use_df.index), zone_count)

Data Schema

The ActivitySim data schema depends on the sub-models implemented. The data schema listed below is for the example model. These tables and skims are defined in the activitysim.abm.tables package.

Data Tables

The following tables are currently implemented:

  • households - household attributes for each household being simulated. Index: HHID (see scripts\data_mover.ipynb)
  • landuse - zonal land use (such as population and employment) attributes. Index: TAZ (see scripts\data_mover.ipynb)
  • persons - person attributes for each person being simulated. Index: PERID (see scripts\data_mover.ipynb)
  • time windows - manages person time windows throughout the simulation. See Person Time Windows. Index: PERID (see the person_windows table create decorator in
  • tours - tour attributes for each tour (mandatory, non-mandatory, joint, and atwork-subtour) being simulated. Index: TOURID (see
  • trips - trip attributes for each trip being simulated. Index: TRIPID (see

A few additional tables are also used, which are not really tables, but classes:

  • constants - various codes used throughout the model system, such as person type codes
  • random channels - random channel management settings
  • size terms - created by reading the destination_choice_size_terms.csv input file. Index - segment (see
  • skims - see Skims

Data Schema

The following table lists the pipeline data tables, each final field, the data type, the step that created it, and the number of columns and rows in the table at the time of creation. The scripts\ script uses the information stored in the pipeline file to create the table below for a small sample of households.

Table Field DType Creator NCol NRow
households TAZ int64 initialize 64 100
households SERIALNO int64 initialize 64 100
households PUMA5 int64 initialize 64 100
households income int64 initialize 64 100
households hhsize int64 initialize 64 100
households HHT int64 initialize 64 100
households UNITTYPE int64 initialize 64 100
households NOC int64 initialize 64 100
households BLDGSZ int64 initialize 64 100
households TENURE int64 initialize 64 100
households VEHICL int64 initialize 64 100
households hinccat1 int64 initialize 64 100
households hinccat2 int64 initialize 64 100
households hhagecat int64 initialize 64 100
households hsizecat int64 initialize 64 100
households hfamily int64 initialize 64 100
households hunittype int64 initialize 64 100
households hNOCcat int64 initialize 64 100
households hwrkrcat int64 initialize 64 100
households h0004 int64 initialize 64 100
households h0511 int64 initialize 64 100
households h1215 int64 initialize 64 100
households h1617 int64 initialize 64 100
households h1824 int64 initialize 64 100
households h2534 int64 initialize 64 100
households h3549 int64 initialize 64 100
households h5064 int64 initialize 64 100
households h6579 int64 initialize 64 100
households h80up int64 initialize 64 100
households num_workers int64 initialize 64 100
households hwork_f int64 initialize 64 100
households hwork_p int64 initialize 64 100
households huniv int64 initialize 64 100
households hnwork int64 initialize 64 100
households hretire int64 initialize 64 100
households hpresch int64 initialize 64 100
households hschpred int64 initialize 64 100
households hschdriv int64 initialize 64 100
households htypdwel int64 initialize 64 100
households hownrent int64 initialize 64 100
households hadnwst int64 initialize 64 100
households hadwpst int64 initialize 64 100
households hadkids int64 initialize 64 100
households bucketBin int64 initialize 64 100
households originalPUMA int64 initialize 64 100
households hmultiunit int64 initialize 64 100
households chunk_id int64 initialize 64 100
households income_in_thousands float64 initialize 64 100
households income_segment int32 initialize 64 100
households num_non_workers int64 initialize 64 100
households num_drivers float64 initialize 64 100
households num_adults float64 initialize 64 100
households num_children float64 initialize 64 100
households num_young_children float64 initialize 64 100
households num_children_5_to_15 float64 initialize 64 100
households num_children_16_to_17 float64 initialize 64 100
households num_college_age float64 initialize 64 100
households num_young_adults float64 initialize 64 100
households non_family bool initialize 64 100
households family bool initialize 64 100
households home_is_urban bool initialize 64 100
households home_is_rural bool initialize 64 100
households work_tour_auto_time_savings int64 initialize 64 100
households auto_ownership int64 initialize 64 100
households num_under16_not_at_school int32 cdap_simulate 68 100
households num_travel_active int32 cdap_simulate 68 100
households num_travel_active_adults int32 cdap_simulate 68 100
households num_travel_active_children int32 cdap_simulate 68 100
households joint_tour_frequency object joint_tour_frequency 70 100
households num_hh_joint_tours int8 joint_tour_frequency 70 100
land_use DISTRICT int64 initialize 45 25
land_use SD int64 initialize 45 25
land_use county_id int64 initialize 45 25
land_use TOTHH int64 initialize 45 25
land_use HHPOP int64 initialize 45 25
land_use TOTPOP int64 initialize 45 25
land_use EMPRES int64 initialize 45 25
land_use SFDU int64 initialize 45 25
land_use MFDU int64 initialize 45 25
land_use HHINCQ1 int64 initialize 45 25
land_use HHINCQ2 int64 initialize 45 25
land_use HHINCQ3 int64 initialize 45 25
land_use HHINCQ4 int64 initialize 45 25
land_use TOTACRE float64 initialize 45 25
land_use RESACRE int64 initialize 45 25
land_use CIACRE int64 initialize 45 25
land_use SHPOP62P float64 initialize 45 25
land_use TOTEMP int64 initialize 45 25
land_use AGE0004 int64 initialize 45 25
land_use AGE0519 int64 initialize 45 25
land_use AGE2044 int64 initialize 45 25
land_use AGE4564 int64 initialize 45 25
land_use AGE65P int64 initialize 45 25
land_use RETEMPN int64 initialize 45 25
land_use FPSEMPN int64 initialize 45 25
land_use HEREMPN int64 initialize 45 25
land_use OTHEMPN int64 initialize 45 25
land_use AGREMPN int64 initialize 45 25
land_use MWTEMPN int64 initialize 45 25
land_use PRKCST float64 initialize 45 25
land_use OPRKCST float64 initialize 45 25
land_use area_type int64 initialize 45 25
land_use HSENROLL float64 initialize 45 25
land_use COLLFTE float64 initialize 45 25
land_use COLLPTE float64 initialize 45 25
land_use TOPOLOGY int64 initialize 45 25
land_use TERMINAL float64 initialize 45 25
land_use ZERO int64 initialize 45 25
land_use hhlds int64 initialize 45 25
land_use sftaz int64 initialize 45 25
land_use gqpop int64 initialize 45 25
land_use household_density float64 initialize 45 25
land_use employment_density float64 initialize 45 25
land_use density_index float64 initialize 45 25
land_use county_name object initialize 45 25
person_windows 4 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 5 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 6 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 7 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 8 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 9 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 10 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 11 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 12 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 13 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 14 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 15 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 16 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 17 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 18 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 19 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 20 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 21 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 22 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 23 int8 initialize 21 157
person_windows 24 int8 initialize 21 157
persons household_id int64 initialize 40 157
persons age int64 initialize 40 157
persons RELATE int64 initialize 40 157
persons ESR int64 initialize 40 157
persons GRADE int64 initialize 40 157
persons PNUM int64 initialize 40 157
persons PAUG int64 initialize 40 157
persons DDP int64 initialize 40 157
persons sex int64 initialize 40 157
persons WEEKS int64 initialize 40 157
persons HOURS int64 initialize 40 157
persons MSP int64 initialize 40 157
persons POVERTY int64 initialize 40 157
persons EARNS int64 initialize 40 157
persons pagecat int64 initialize 40 157
persons pemploy int64 initialize 40 157
persons pstudent int64 initialize 40 157
persons ptype int64 initialize 40 157
persons padkid int64 initialize 40 157
persons age_16_to_19 bool initialize 40 157
persons age_16_p bool initialize 40 157
persons adult bool initialize 40 157
persons male bool initialize 40 157
persons female bool initialize 40 157
persons has_non_worker bool initialize 40 157
persons has_retiree bool initialize 40 157
persons has_preschool_kid bool initialize 40 157
persons has_driving_kid bool initialize 40 157
persons has_school_kid bool initialize 40 157
persons has_full_time bool initialize 40 157
persons has_part_time bool initialize 40 157
persons has_university bool initialize 40 157
persons student_is_employed bool initialize 40 157
persons nonstudent_to_school bool initialize 40 157
persons is_worker bool initialize 40 157
persons is_student bool initialize 40 157
persons is_gradeschool bool initialize 40 157
persons is_highschool bool initialize 40 157
persons is_university bool initialize 40 157
persons home_taz int64 initialize 40 157
persons school_taz int32 school_location_simulate 43 157
persons distance_to_school float64 school_location_simulate 43 157
persons roundtrip_auto_time_to_school float64 school_location_simulate 43 157
persons workplace_taz int32 workplace_location_simulate 48 157
persons distance_to_work float64 workplace_location_simulate 48 157
persons roundtrip_auto_time_to_work float64 workplace_location_simulate 48 157
persons workplace_in_cbd bool workplace_location_simulate 48 157
persons work_taz_area_type float64 workplace_location_simulate 48 157
persons cdap_activity object cdap_simulate 54 157
persons cdap_rank int64 cdap_simulate 54 157
persons travel_active bool cdap_simulate 54 157
persons under16_not_at_school bool cdap_simulate 54 157
persons has_preschool_kid_at_home bool cdap_simulate 54 157
persons has_school_kid_at_home bool cdap_simulate 54 157
persons mandatory_tour_frequency object mandatory_tour_frequency 59 157
persons work_and_school_and_worker bool mandatory_tour_frequency 59 157
persons work_and_school_and_student bool mandatory_tour_frequency 59 157
persons num_mand int8 mandatory_tour_frequency 59 157
persons num_work_tours int8 mandatory_tour_frequency 59 157
persons non_mandatory_tour_frequency float64 non_mandatory_tour_frequency 64 157
persons num_non_mand float64 non_mandatory_tour_frequency 64 157
persons num_escort_tours float64 non_mandatory_tour_frequency 64 157
persons num_non_escort_tours float64 non_mandatory_tour_frequency 64 157
persons num_eatout_tours float64 non_mandatory_tour_frequency 64 157
tours person_id int64 mandatory_tour_frequency 11 71
tours tour_type object mandatory_tour_frequency 11 71
tours tour_type_count int64 mandatory_tour_frequency 11 71
tours tour_type_num int64 mandatory_tour_frequency 11 71
tours tour_num int64 mandatory_tour_frequency 11 71
tours tour_count int64 mandatory_tour_frequency 11 71
tours tour_category object mandatory_tour_frequency 11 71
tours number_of_participants int64 mandatory_tour_frequency 11 71
tours destination int32 mandatory_tour_frequency 11 71
tours origin int64 mandatory_tour_frequency 11 71
tours household_id int64 mandatory_tour_frequency 11 71
tours start int64 mandatory_tour_scheduling 15 71
tours end int64 mandatory_tour_scheduling 15 71
tours duration int64 mandatory_tour_scheduling 15 71
tours tdd int64 mandatory_tour_scheduling 15 71
tours composition object joint_tour_composition 16 73
tours tour_mode object joint_tour_mode_choice 17 183
tours atwork_subtour_frequency object atwork_subtour_frequency 19 186
tours parent_tour_id float64 atwork_subtour_frequency 19 186
tours stop_frequency object stop_frequency 21 186
tours primary_purpose object stop_frequency 21 186
trips person_id int64 stop_frequency 7 428
trips household_id int64 stop_frequency 7 428
trips tour_id int64 stop_frequency 7 428
trips primary_purpose object stop_frequency 7 428
trips trip_num int64 stop_frequency 7 428
trips outbound bool stop_frequency 7 428
trips trip_count int64 stop_frequency 7 428
trips purpose object trip_purpose 8 428
trips destination int32 trip_destination 11 428
trips origin int32 trip_destination 11 428
trips failed bool trip_destination 11 428
trips depart int64 trip_scheduling 12 428
trips trip_mode int64 trip_mode_choice 13 428


The skims class defines orca injectables to access the skim matrices. The skims class reads the skims from the omx_file on disk. The injectables and omx_file for the example are listed below. The skims are float64 matrix.

Table Type Creation
skim_dict SkimDict defines skim_dict which reads omx_file
skim_stack SkimStack defines skim_stack which calls skim_dict which reads omx_file

Skims are named <PATHTYPE>_<MEASURE>__<TIME PERIOD>:

  • Highway paths are SOV, HOV2, HOV3, SOVTOLL, HOV2TOLL, HOV3TOLL
  • Transit paths are:
    • Walk access and walk egress - WLK_COM_WLK, WLK_EXP_WLK, WLK_HVY_WLK, WLK_LOC_WLK, WLK_LRF_WLK
    • Walk access and drive egress - WLK_COM_DRV, WLK_EXP_DRV, WLK_HVY_DRV, WLK_LOC_DRV, WLK_LRF_DRV
    • Drive access and walk egress - DRV_COM_WLK, DRV_EXP_WLK, DRV_HVY_WLK, DRV_LOC_WLK, DRV_LRF_WLK
    • COM = commuter rail, EXP = express bus, HVY = heavy rail, LOC = local bus, LRF = light rail ferry
  • Non-motorized paths are WALK, BIKE
  • Time periods are EA, AM, MD, PM, EV
Field Type
SOV_TIME__AM float64 matrix
SOV_DIST__AM float64 matrix
SOV_BTOLL__AM float64 matrix
HOV2_TIME__AM float64 matrix
HOV2_DIST__AM float64 matrix
HOV2_BTOLL__AM float64 matrix
HOV3_TIME__AM float64 matrix
HOV3_DIST__AM float64 matrix
HOV3_BTOLL__AM float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_TIME__AM float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_DIST__AM float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_BTOLL__AM float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_VTOLL__AM float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_TIME__AM float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_DIST__AM float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_BTOLL__AM float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_VTOLL__AM float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_TIME__AM float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_DIST__AM float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_BTOLL__AM float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_VTOLL__AM float64 matrix
SOV_TIME__EA float64 matrix
SOV_DIST__EA float64 matrix
SOV_BTOLL__EA float64 matrix
HOV2_TIME__EA float64 matrix
HOV2_DIST__EA float64 matrix
HOV2_BTOLL__EA float64 matrix
HOV3_TIME__EA float64 matrix
HOV3_DIST__EA float64 matrix
HOV3_BTOLL__EA float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_TIME__EA float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_DIST__EA float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_BTOLL__EA float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_VTOLL__EA float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_TIME__EA float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_DIST__EA float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_BTOLL__EA float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_VTOLL__EA float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_TIME__EA float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_DIST__EA float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_BTOLL__EA float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_VTOLL__EA float64 matrix
SOV_TIME__EV float64 matrix
SOV_DIST__EV float64 matrix
SOV_BTOLL__EV float64 matrix
HOV2_TIME__EV float64 matrix
HOV2_DIST__EV float64 matrix
HOV2_BTOLL__EV float64 matrix
HOV3_TIME__EV float64 matrix
HOV3_DIST__EV float64 matrix
HOV3_BTOLL__EV float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_TIME__EV float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_DIST__EV float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_BTOLL__EV float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_VTOLL__EV float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_TIME__EV float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_DIST__EV float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_BTOLL__EV float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_VTOLL__EV float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_TIME__EV float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_DIST__EV float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_BTOLL__EV float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_VTOLL__EV float64 matrix
SOV_TIME__MD float64 matrix
SOV_DIST__MD float64 matrix
SOV_BTOLL__MD float64 matrix
HOV2_TIME__MD float64 matrix
HOV2_DIST__MD float64 matrix
HOV2_BTOLL__MD float64 matrix
HOV3_TIME__MD float64 matrix
HOV3_DIST__MD float64 matrix
HOV3_BTOLL__MD float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_TIME__MD float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_DIST__MD float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_BTOLL__MD float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_VTOLL__MD float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_TIME__MD float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_DIST__MD float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_BTOLL__MD float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_VTOLL__MD float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_TIME__MD float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_DIST__MD float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_BTOLL__MD float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_VTOLL__MD float64 matrix
SOV_TIME__PM float64 matrix
SOV_DIST__PM float64 matrix
SOV_BTOLL__PM float64 matrix
HOV2_TIME__PM float64 matrix
HOV2_DIST__PM float64 matrix
HOV2_BTOLL__PM float64 matrix
HOV3_TIME__PM float64 matrix
HOV3_DIST__PM float64 matrix
HOV3_BTOLL__PM float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_TIME__PM float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_DIST__PM float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_BTOLL__PM float64 matrix
SOVTOLL_VTOLL__PM float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_TIME__PM float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_DIST__PM float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_BTOLL__PM float64 matrix
HOV2TOLL_VTOLL__PM float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_TIME__PM float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_DIST__PM float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_BTOLL__PM float64 matrix
HOV3TOLL_VTOLL__PM float64 matrix
DIST__ float64 matrix
DISTWALK__ float64 matrix
DISTBIKE__ float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_WAIT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_TOTIVT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_KEYIVT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_FAR__AM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_DTIM__AM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_DDIST__AM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_WAUX__AM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_IWAIT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_XWAIT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_BOARDS__AM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_WAIT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_TOTIVT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_KEYIVT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_FAR__AM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_DTIM__AM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_WAUX__AM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_IWAIT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_XWAIT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_BOARDS__AM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_DDIST__AM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_WAIT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_TOTIVT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_KEYIVT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_FAR__AM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_DTIM__AM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_DDIST__AM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_WAUX__AM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_IWAIT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_XWAIT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_BOARDS__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_WAIT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_TOTIVT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_FAR__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_DTIM__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_DDIST__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_WAUX__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_IWAIT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_XWAIT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_BOARDS__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_WAIT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_TOTIVT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_KEYIVT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_FERRYIVT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_FAR__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_DTIM__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_DDIST__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_WAUX__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_IWAIT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_XWAIT__AM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_BOARDS__AM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_WAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_TOTIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_KEYIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_FAR__AM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_DTIM__AM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_DDIST__AM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_WAUX__AM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_IWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_XWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_BOARDS__AM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_WAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_TOTIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_KEYIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_FAR__AM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_WAUX__AM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_IWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_XWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_BOARDS__AM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_WAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_TOTIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_KEYIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_FAR__AM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_DTIM__AM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_WAUX__AM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_IWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_XWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_BOARDS__AM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_DDIST__AM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_WAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_TOTIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_KEYIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_FAR__AM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_WAUX__AM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_IWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_XWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_BOARDS__AM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_WAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_TOTIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_KEYIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_FAR__AM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_DTIM__AM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_DDIST__AM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_WAUX__AM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_IWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_XWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_BOARDS__AM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_WAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_TOTIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_KEYIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_FAR__AM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_WAUX__AM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_IWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_XWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_BOARDS__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_WAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_TOTIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_FAR__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_DTIM__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_DDIST__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_WAUX__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_IWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_XWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_BOARDS__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_WAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_TOTIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_FAR__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_WAUX__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_IWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_XWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_BOARDS__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_WAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_TOTIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_KEYIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_FERRYIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_FAR__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_DTIM__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_DDIST__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_WAUX__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_IWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_XWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_BOARDS__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_WAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_TOTIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_KEYIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_FERRYIVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_FAR__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_WAUX__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_IWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_XWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_BOARDS__AM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_WAIT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_TOTIVT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_KEYIVT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_FAR__EA float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_DTIM__EA float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_DDIST__EA float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_WAUX__EA float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_IWAIT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_XWAIT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_BOARDS__EA float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_WAIT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_TOTIVT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_KEYIVT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_FAR__EA float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_DTIM__EA float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_WAUX__EA float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_IWAIT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_XWAIT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_BOARDS__EA float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_DDIST__EA float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_WAIT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_TOTIVT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_KEYIVT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_FAR__EA float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_DTIM__EA float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_DDIST__EA float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_WAUX__EA float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_IWAIT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_XWAIT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_BOARDS__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_WAIT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_TOTIVT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_FAR__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_DTIM__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_DDIST__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_WAUX__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_IWAIT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_XWAIT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_BOARDS__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_WAIT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_TOTIVT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_KEYIVT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_FERRYIVT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_FAR__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_DTIM__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_DDIST__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_WAUX__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_IWAIT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_XWAIT__EA float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_BOARDS__EA float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_WAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_TOTIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_KEYIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_FAR__EA float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_DTIM__EA float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_DDIST__EA float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_WAUX__EA float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_IWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_XWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_BOARDS__EA float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_WAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_TOTIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_KEYIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_FAR__EA float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_WAUX__EA float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_IWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_XWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_BOARDS__EA float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_WAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_TOTIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_KEYIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_FAR__EA float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_DTIM__EA float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_DDIST__EA float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_WAUX__EA float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_IWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_XWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_BOARDS__EA float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_WAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_TOTIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_KEYIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_FAR__EA float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_WAUX__EA float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_IWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_XWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_BOARDS__EA float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_WAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_TOTIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_KEYIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_FAR__EA float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_DTIM__EA float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_DDIST__EA float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_WAUX__EA float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_IWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_XWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_BOARDS__EA float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_WAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_TOTIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_KEYIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_FAR__EA float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_WAUX__EA float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_IWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_XWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_BOARDS__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_WAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_TOTIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_FAR__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_DTIM__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_DDIST__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_WAUX__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_IWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_XWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_BOARDS__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_WAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_TOTIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_FAR__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_WAUX__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_IWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_XWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_BOARDS__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_WAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_TOTIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_KEYIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_FERRYIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_FAR__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_DTIM__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_DDIST__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_WAUX__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_IWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_XWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_BOARDS__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_WAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_TOTIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_KEYIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_FERRYIVT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_FAR__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_WAUX__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_IWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_XWAIT__EA float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_BOARDS__EA float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_WAIT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_TOTIVT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_KEYIVT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_FAR__EV float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_DTIM__EV float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_DDIST__EV float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_WAUX__EV float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_IWAIT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_XWAIT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_BOARDS__EV float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_WAIT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_TOTIVT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_KEYIVT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_FAR__EV float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_DTIM__EV float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_WAUX__EV float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_IWAIT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_XWAIT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_BOARDS__EV float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_DDIST__EV float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_WAIT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_TOTIVT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_KEYIVT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_FAR__EV float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_DTIM__EV float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_DDIST__EV float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_WAUX__EV float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_IWAIT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_XWAIT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_BOARDS__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_WAIT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_TOTIVT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_FAR__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_DTIM__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_DDIST__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_WAUX__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_IWAIT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_XWAIT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_BOARDS__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_WAIT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_TOTIVT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_KEYIVT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_FERRYIVT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_FAR__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_DTIM__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_DDIST__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_WAUX__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_IWAIT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_XWAIT__EV float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_BOARDS__EV float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_WAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_TOTIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_KEYIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_FAR__EV float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_DTIM__EV float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_DDIST__EV float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_WAUX__EV float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_IWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_XWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_BOARDS__EV float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_WAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_TOTIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_KEYIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_FAR__EV float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_WAUX__EV float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_IWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_XWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_BOARDS__EV float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_WAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_TOTIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_KEYIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_FAR__EV float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_DTIM__EV float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_WAUX__EV float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_IWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_XWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_BOARDS__EV float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_DDIST__EV float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_WAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_TOTIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_KEYIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_FAR__EV float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_WAUX__EV float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_IWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_XWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_BOARDS__EV float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_WAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_TOTIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_KEYIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_FAR__EV float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_DTIM__EV float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_DDIST__EV float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_WAUX__EV float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_IWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_XWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_BOARDS__EV float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_WAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_TOTIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_KEYIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_FAR__EV float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_WAUX__EV float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_IWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_XWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_BOARDS__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_WAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_TOTIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_FAR__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_DTIM__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_DDIST__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_WAUX__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_IWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_XWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_BOARDS__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_WAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_TOTIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_FAR__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_WAUX__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_IWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_XWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_BOARDS__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_WAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_TOTIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_KEYIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_FERRYIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_FAR__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_DTIM__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_DDIST__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_WAUX__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_IWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_XWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_BOARDS__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_WAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_TOTIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_KEYIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_FERRYIVT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_FAR__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_WAUX__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_IWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_XWAIT__EV float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_BOARDS__EV float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_WAIT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_TOTIVT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_KEYIVT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_FAR__MD float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_DTIM__MD float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_DDIST__MD float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_WAUX__MD float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_IWAIT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_XWAIT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_BOARDS__MD float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_WAIT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_TOTIVT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_KEYIVT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_FAR__MD float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_DTIM__MD float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_WAUX__MD float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_IWAIT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_XWAIT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_BOARDS__MD float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_DDIST__MD float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_WAIT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_TOTIVT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_KEYIVT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_FAR__MD float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_DTIM__MD float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_DDIST__MD float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_WAUX__MD float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_IWAIT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_XWAIT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_BOARDS__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_WAIT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_TOTIVT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_FAR__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_DTIM__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_DDIST__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_WAUX__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_IWAIT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_XWAIT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_BOARDS__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_WAIT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_TOTIVT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_KEYIVT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_FERRYIVT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_FAR__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_DTIM__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_DDIST__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_WAUX__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_IWAIT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_XWAIT__MD float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_BOARDS__MD float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_WAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_TOTIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_KEYIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_FAR__MD float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_DTIM__MD float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_DDIST__MD float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_WAUX__MD float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_IWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_XWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_BOARDS__MD float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_WAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_TOTIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_KEYIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_FAR__MD float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_WAUX__MD float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_IWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_XWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_BOARDS__MD float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_WAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_TOTIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_KEYIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_FAR__MD float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_DTIM__MD float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_WAUX__MD float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_IWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_XWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_BOARDS__MD float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_DDIST__MD float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_WAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_TOTIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_KEYIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_FAR__MD float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_WAUX__MD float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_IWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_XWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_BOARDS__MD float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_WAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_TOTIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_KEYIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_FAR__MD float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_DTIM__MD float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_DDIST__MD float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_WAUX__MD float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_IWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_XWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_BOARDS__MD float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_WAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_TOTIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_KEYIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_FAR__MD float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_WAUX__MD float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_IWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_XWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_BOARDS__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_WAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_TOTIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_FAR__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_DTIM__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_DDIST__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_WAUX__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_IWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_XWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_BOARDS__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_WAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_TOTIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_FAR__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_WAUX__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_IWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_XWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_BOARDS__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_WAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_TOTIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_KEYIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_FERRYIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_FAR__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_DTIM__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_DDIST__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_WAUX__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_IWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_XWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_BOARDS__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_WAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_TOTIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_KEYIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_FERRYIVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_FAR__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_WAUX__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_IWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_XWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_BOARDS__MD float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_WAIT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_TOTIVT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_KEYIVT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_FAR__PM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_DTIM__PM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_DDIST__PM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_WAUX__PM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_IWAIT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_XWAIT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_COM_WLK_BOARDS__PM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_WAIT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_TOTIVT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_KEYIVT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_FAR__PM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_DTIM__PM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_WAUX__PM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_IWAIT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_XWAIT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_BOARDS__PM float64 matrix
DRV_EXP_WLK_DDIST__PM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_WAIT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_TOTIVT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_KEYIVT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_FAR__PM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_DTIM__PM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_DDIST__PM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_WAUX__PM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_IWAIT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_XWAIT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_HVY_WLK_BOARDS__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_WAIT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_TOTIVT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_FAR__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_DTIM__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_DDIST__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_WAUX__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_IWAIT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_XWAIT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LOC_WLK_BOARDS__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_WAIT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_TOTIVT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_KEYIVT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_FERRYIVT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_FAR__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_DTIM__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_DDIST__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_WAUX__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_IWAIT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_XWAIT__PM float64 matrix
DRV_LRF_WLK_BOARDS__PM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_WAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_TOTIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_KEYIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_FAR__PM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_DTIM__PM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_DDIST__PM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_WAUX__PM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_IWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_XWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_DRV_BOARDS__PM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_WAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_TOTIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_KEYIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_FAR__PM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_WAUX__PM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_IWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_XWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_COM_WLK_BOARDS__PM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_WAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_TOTIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_KEYIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_FAR__PM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_DTIM__PM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_WAUX__PM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_IWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_XWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_BOARDS__PM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_DRV_DDIST__PM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_WAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_TOTIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_KEYIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_FAR__PM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_WAUX__PM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_IWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_XWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_EXP_WLK_BOARDS__PM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_WAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_TOTIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_KEYIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_FAR__PM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_DTIM__PM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_DDIST__PM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_WAUX__PM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_IWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_XWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_DRV_BOARDS__PM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_WAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_TOTIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_KEYIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_FAR__PM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_WAUX__PM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_IWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_XWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_HVY_WLK_BOARDS__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_WAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_TOTIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_FAR__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_DTIM__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_DDIST__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_WAUX__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_IWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_XWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_DRV_BOARDS__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_WAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_TOTIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_FAR__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_WAUX__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_IWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_XWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LOC_WLK_BOARDS__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_WAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_TOTIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_KEYIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_FERRYIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_FAR__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_DTIM__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_DDIST__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_WAUX__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_IWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_XWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_DRV_BOARDS__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_WAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_TOTIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_KEYIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_FERRYIVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_FAR__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_WAUX__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_IWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_XWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_LRF_WLK_BOARDS__PM float64 matrix
WLK_TRN_WLK_IVT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_TRN_WLK_IWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_TRN_WLK_XWAIT__AM float64 matrix
WLK_TRN_WLK_WACC__AM float64 matrix
WLK_TRN_WLK_WAUX__AM float64 matrix
WLK_TRN_WLK_WEGR__AM float64 matrix
WLK_TRN_WLK_IVT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_TRN_WLK_IWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_TRN_WLK_XWAIT__MD float64 matrix
WLK_TRN_WLK_WACC__MD float64 matrix
WLK_TRN_WLK_WAUX__MD float64 matrix
WLK_TRN_WLK_WEGR__MD float64 matrix
WLK_TRN_WLK_IVT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_TRN_WLK_IWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_TRN_WLK_XWAIT__PM float64 matrix
WLK_TRN_WLK_WACC__PM float64 matrix
WLK_TRN_WLK_WAUX__PM float64 matrix
WLK_TRN_WLK_WEGR__PM float64 matrix