Command Line Interface

ActivitySim includes a Command Line Interface for creating examples and running the model. See activitysim -h for more information.


The example_manifest.yaml contains example commands to create and run several versions of the examples.


Create an ActivitySim example setup. See activitysim create -h for more information. More complete examples, including the full scale MTC regional demand model are available for creation by typing activitysim create -l. To create these examples, ActivitySim downloads the large input files from the ActivitySim resources repository.



Create command args


Create a new ActivitySim configuration from an existing template.

Use the -l flag to view a list of example configurations, then copy to your own working directory. These new project files can be run with the ‘run’ command.

activitysim.cli.create.get_example(example_name, destination)

Copy project data to user-specified directory.

Examples and their data are described in a manifest YAML file. Each example contains at least a name and include field which is a list of files/folders to include in the copied example.

example_name: str, name of the example to copy.

Options can be found via list_examples()

destination: name of target directory to copy files to.

If the target directory already exists, project files will be copied into a subdirectory with the same name as the example


Run ActivitySim. See activitysim run -h for more information.

Settings File Inheritance

ActivitySim model runs can be configured with settings file inheritance to avoid duplicating settings across model configurations. The command below runs ActivitySim with two configs folders - configs and configs_mp. This setup allows for overriding setings in the configs folder with additional settings in the configs_mp folder so that expression files and settings in the single process (e.g. configs folder) can be re-used for the multiprocessed setup (e.g. configs_mp folder). Settings files, as opposed to configs folders, can also be inherited by specifying -s multiple times. See activitysim run -h for more information.

# in configs_mp\settings.yaml
inherit_settings: True

#then on the command line
activitysim run -c configs_mp -c configs -d data -o output

API, multiprocess=True)

Run command args

Run the models. Specify a project folder using the ‘–working_dir’ option, or point to the config, data, and output folders directly with ‘–config’, ‘–data’, and ‘–output’. Both ‘–config’ and ‘–data’ can be specified multiple times. Directories listed first take precedence.


int: sys.exit exit code